Since beginning the Transition2Work® Program in 2007, ReEmployAbility has been fortunate enough to build relationships with over 35,000 nonprofit organizations across the country. One organization that we work with in every state is Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Founded in 1976, Habit for Humanity began as a house building program based on Christian values and serving those in need. Since then, their organization has grown worldwide, not only helping families who are in need, but also victims of natural disasters as well.

We spoke with Ashlee Sang, Communications and Procurement Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity ReStore in McLean County, IL to find out how ReStore helps fulfill Habitat for Humanity’s mission and how our Transition2Work program helps fulfill their continuous need for volunteers.

Tell us about Habitat for Humanity ReStore’s goals for the community.

We serve as both a donation center and an affordable resale store in the community. All of our profits stay local and support Habitat for Humanity of McLean County. When people shop, donate, or volunteer at our ReStore, they’re helping build homes with Habitat partner families.

How has your experience been with volunteers provided by ReEmployAbility?

Our relationship with ReEmployAbility has been great and hopefully mutually beneficial. We always appreciate an extra set of hands, especially from skilled workers who may not be able to carry out their day jobs, but can contribute greatly to our daily operations.

In your opinion, how does the injured worker benefit from participating volunteering in their community?

Since we were able to assign desk duties that did not require mobility, our Transition2Work volunteer is able to fill his days with productivity while staying connected to and active in the community. Having purpose and accountability, especially while coping with an injury and a time of uncertainty, can do wonders for morale and healing. These administrative tasks often fall by the wayside in our busy store environment, so it’s very beneficial for us as well.

What would you like to relay to the readers about your organization?

ReStore shoppers, donors, and volunteers are contributing to the community by choosing the ReStore because they’re supporting Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to ensure that everyone has a decent, affordable place to live. These new Habitat homeowners pay it forward through their mortgages paid back to Habitat, local taxes, and volunteer hours at the ReStore and on other Habitat build sites. We’ll all working together to build a stronger, more stable community.

What is the best way readers can sign up to volunteer?

If they’re local, they can come by Tues-Fri at 9 a.m. or Saturday at 8 a.m. for a 1-hour orientation. After that, they can come volunteer anytime during our business hours with no scheduling or time constraints. If they’re remote but would still like to offer their special skills, they can email us at to see how they might get involved. More information is also available at our website.

There are opportunities to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity across the nation. To find a location near you, visit Habitat for Humanity International’s website