Often times when a person comes to the realization that they’re in an abusive relationship, they may not know where to turn. In Tampa, there is a safe haven for those victims. They can find solace in The Spring of Tampa Bay.

The Spring was founded in 1977 and, according to their website, since they have assisted more than 60,000 abused adults and their children. They are one of the largest domestic violence centers in Florida and the first domestic violence agency in the United States to have an accredited on-site school for resident children.

Not only do they provide the victims with shelter, they also assist in getting the victims to rebuild their lives and realize they can be strong and there are people always available to help them along the way.

On May 4, 2017, The Spring hosted an annual event entitled “Handbags & Happy Hour,” where they held a silent auction of items that included catered events, date nights, family outings, and of course, designer handbags.

The ReEmployAbility team was a proud sponsor of the event, as we have a strong passion for service to the community. In fact, our company owners Frances Ford and Debra Livingston consider it the cornerstone of what makes Transition2Work, our proprietary return-to-work program, such a success. When program participants are placed at non-profit organizations, the transitional assignments provide an improved sense of value and self-esteem which helps injured employees heal while making a valuable contribution to the community.

“Our dedication to giving back to the community is always at the forefront of everything we do as a company,” Livingston said. “Because we are a women owned company, we are drawn to The Spring of Tampa and are amazed by all of the remarkable things they do for these victims of domestic abuse. We are proud to sponsor this wonderful event.”

The event coordinators said that it was a bigger turnout than they expected or had in previous years. Though the excitement of winning an auction item filled the air, when attendees heard stories from The Spring’s CEO, Mindy Murphy, it was clear that every woman and man was really there to serve a purpose.

Along with the auction, there were other opportunities to give during the night, including giving a monetary donation directly to the cause. Those who were not in attendance can donate to The Spring at any time on their website.

For more information or to donate, please visit their website: https://www.thespring.org/.