Injured workers in our Transition2Work program impact over 35,000 not-for-profits around the country. As they heal from a work-related injury, program participants benefit from maintaining a schedule and avoiding ‘disability syndrome’ while the not-for-profit benefits from having a regularly scheduled volunteer.

Transition2Work has proven to be an innovative return-to-work solution connecting employers, employees, and communities so all can have a better life. Just one of the many not-for-profits we work with is the Bethlehem Center in Visalia, California.

The Bethlehem Center is a mission of the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish and is one of the only dining halls in the area providing hot food prepared daily. The Bethlehem Center also provides needy families of the Visalia community with pantry food boxes.

To learn more about how the Bethlehem Center helps the Visalia community, we spoke to Gabriel Tayagua.

Briefly describe your organization’s goals for the community you serve.

Our mission is to provide food and clothes to those in need and resources through community agencies, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Our vision is for the fundamental needs of our families and individuals in our community to be recognized and assisted.

How has your experience been with ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants?

All of ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants have been great! They are always on time, have great work ethic and enjoy helping the community. We here at the Bethlehem Center are proud to have them as volunteers and we look forward for more volunteers just like them.

In your opinion, how does the injured worker benefit from participating in Transition2Work or volunteering in their community?

An injured worker benefits from participating by assisting our community. Volunteering is an eye-opening and humbling experience; every volunteer leaves feeling accomplished knowing that they have served their community.

What is the most important message that you would like to relay to the readers about your organization?

We feed anyone regardless of status or appearance. Everyone is equal here at the Bethlehem Center.

What is the best way readers can sign up to volunteer? 

In order to volunteer your group or yourself, you would need to fill out an application at either our Front Office (Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 4:00PM) or you can visit our website at