“Walking together for Stronger, Healthier Babies”

 Why We Think They’re Great:  March of Dimes March for Babies involves communities, families, and employer groups to help raise funds to promote healthy babies and full term deliveries. The money raised from “marches” across the country helps fund prenatal educational programs and supports research to help prevent premature births. By educating expecting mothers about birth risks and nutritional pregnancy benefits, March of Dimes helps babies before they’re even born. March of Dimes has also funded programs to help implement new hospital treatments and procedures that identify and reduce the risk of some long-term defects. With the donations they have received from the March for Babies walks, they have even been able to identify the gene responsible for oral cleft, and are working on preventions. To learn more about March of Dimes and ways to donate, visit www.MarchForBabies.com or call (888) 274-3711.