Transition2Work participants from ReEmployAbility help not-for-profits across the country while they heal from their work-related injury. This benefits them and their community, creating a true win-win for injured workers and the not-for-profits they help.

We sat down with the Museum of International Cultures in Duncanville, TX to learn how Transition2Work participants impact their mission.

Briefly describe your organization’s goals for the community you serve.

The Museum of International Cultures endeavors to provide avenues of opportunity to enhance the community’s understanding, involvement and appreciation of contemporary world cultures through tours, Discovery Boxes, programs seminars and exhibits.

How has your experience been with ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants?

Our experience has been remarkable with ReEmployAbility’s participants. Our environment is conducive to the rehabilitation of injured workers and we can easily accommodate injuries to shoulders, knees, etc. with simple, but necessary tasks around the museum.

We have many of the workers who drop by after their rehab is finished to just see how we are doing. Many have brought their families to tour and meet our staff. They fit in to our routine very well.

In your opinion, how does the injured worker benefit from participating in T2W or volunteering in their community?

The workers (especially those who have done intense tasks at [their original] place of employment) feel left out until they come to MIC and realize what an impact they make by performing the varied task we have available. They feel a sense of ownership in what we are doing here.

What is the most important message that you would like to relay to the readers about your organization?

We are an educational institution that serves our greater community with knowledge and entertainment as they travel the world without a passport.

What is the best way readers can sign up to volunteer? 

MIC always needs volunteers. Those interested can call 972-572-0462.

February is membership month and we look forward to broadening our Business Membership base. Details about this important annual initiative are available online or by calling.