Injured workers in our Transition2Work program impact over 35,000 different not-for-profits around the country. As they heal from their work-related injury, program participants benefit from maintaining a schedule and avoiding ‘disability syndrome’, while the not-for-profit benefits from having a regularly scheduled volunteer.

Transition2Work has proven to be an innovative return-to-work solution connecting employers, employees, and communities so all can have a better life. One of the many not-for-profits we work with is Starting Over Enterprises in Oakland Park, Florida.

We spoke to Founder Susan Bain to learn how Transition2Work participants impact her community.

Briefly describe your organization’s goals for the community you serve.

Starting Over Enterprises was founded over 30 years ago to provide “homeless individuals with food, shelter, clothing, [and] life skills provided by the facility and its program” in Broward County, Florida.

The organization currently serves 172 families a month through it’s food bank and also provides cabinetry skills to candidates in need of job skills through it’s accompanying program, Praise the Lord (PTL) Cabinets.

PTL Cabinets specializes “in the design, assembly, finish, and installation of high-quality cabinets, wall units, furniture, and closet organization systems for both commercial and residential applications.” The program provides candidates the necessary tools, training, and skill set to improve their employability.

How has your experience been with ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants?

“ReEmployAbility’s Transition2work participants have been very helpful with our food pantry,” said Susan. “We have been working together for several years now.”

In your opinion, how does the injured worker benefit from participating in T2W or volunteering in their community?

Transition2Work participants are very helpful to Starting Over Enterprises. They answer phones and organize the food pantry among other tasks that help the organization assist more people in need.

What is the most important message that you would like to relay to the readers about your organization?

After over 40 years serving the homeless community in Broward County, the facility is losing its warehouse space and needs to relocate. The organization is turning to the community in the hopes of finding new, affordable warehouse space for the operating needs of PTL Cabinets and Starting Over Enterprises.

What is the best way readers can sign up to volunteer?

Contact Susan directly at (954) 325-9692.