Across the country, not-for-profits benefit from ReEmployAbility participants. We sat down with Sun Health Foundation which operates the Sun Health Resale stores in Sun City and Sun City West, Arizona to see how ReEmployAbility helps injured workers and the senior community in Sun City.

Briefly describe your organization’s goals for the community you serve. 

The Sun Health Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Foundation and champions healthy living, research and superior healthcare. We operate primarily in the Senior Citizen communities of Sun City, Sun City West, and Sun City Grand in Arizona. Sun Health was created in 1970 and over the years has built and supported two community hospitals serving this area, keeping their facilities state-of-the-art. Sun Health Foundation is still the main fundraising arm for these two medical centers as well as for three senior living resort-style communities in the area. In addition, the Sun Health Foundation has built and maintained a Health & Wellness Center for our senior population which provides information and classes on everything from weight management, to yoga, to how to manage chronic diseases. The Health & Wellness Center also provides memory care support and guidance for our senior population.

How has your experience been with ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants? 

We have had a wonderful experience with ReEmployAbility over the years. We have had a variety of volunteers from all walks of life but they all have come in ready to apply themselves. The last two, who have just recently returned to their respective careers stood out from the rest. Not only were they naturally very personable people but they both had retail backgrounds and enjoyed getting back into it for a while. Our normal volunteer force working in the resale shop (a group of senior citizens) totally enjoyed Kim and Nate and hated to see them go. They became part of our family. What is very cool is Nate has signed on along with his teenage daughter to become and official volunteer and help us out as they can in the shop on the weekends. Kim wants to come back and volunteer when she has layovers in our area!!

How important are these volunteers to your organization? Why? 

I know people volunteering is and has been on the decline. I think your program opens people’s eyes to the act of philanthropy through volunteering. They get to understand the causes, the programs, and feel a part of a movement or cause. I think your program is great idea and promotes getting involved in your community and creating awareness.

What is the most important message that you would like to relay to the readers about your organization? 

The most important message about our organization is you are never too old to learn new things, to take charge of your life and health, to make new friends and enjoy your “golden” years.

What is the best way readers can sign up to volunteer? 

The best way for people to sign up to volunteer is to stop in one of our two shops, ask for the manager and introduce themselves. We would love to give them a quick tour, answer questions, and provide them with an application. Information can be found on our website: