Injured workers in our Transition2Work program impact over 35,000 different not-for-profits around the country. As they heal from their work-related injury, program participants benefit from maintaining a schedule and avoiding ‘disability syndrome’ while the not-for-profit benefits from having a regularly scheduled volunteer.

Transition2Work has proven to be an innovative return-to-work solution connecting employers, employees, and communities so all can have a better life. Just one of the many not-for-profits we work with is WHAM, or West Houston Assistance Ministries.

WHAM helps families in crisis by fighting hunger and homelessness, providing families in need with food, clothing, employment services, and financial help. WHAM has operated in the West Houston area since 1982 and we are proud to be able to help them in their mission.

To learn more about how WHAM helps the West Houston community, we spoke to Communications Manager Cindy Orman.

Briefly describe your organization’s goals for the community you serve.

West Houston Assistance Ministries is a nonprofit that offers free assistance in the form of food, clothing, financial assistance for rent and utilities to prevent eviction and homelessness, and education and employment resources to promote self-sufficiency and economic empowerment in people who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

Many of our clients are in critical need of help after experiencing emergency circumstances beyond their control (for example, illness, disability, job loss) that affect their ability to obtain sufficient income or employment. We serve the needy in the West Houston area driven by the underlying goals of alleviating poverty, building a thriving and healthy community, and giving hope to the hopeless.

How has your experience been with ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work participants?

WHAM has a small staff and relies heavily on volunteers who serve in all areas of the ministry. The ReEmployAbility Transition2Work program offers us an excellent source of volunteers that help us effectively achieve our mission to serve the community. Participants come to us eager to work and ready to give their time and talent, and they become valued members of our volunteer family who contribute fully during their time spent at WHAM.

In your opinion, how does the injured worker benefit from participating in Transition2Work or volunteering in their community?

The Transition2Work program and volunteering in the community give injured workers an opportunity to feel useful and allows them to maintain a normal work routine and stay active in the workforce or community. Rather than becoming disengaged from a work environment, they can gain a sense of value from their involvement with their assigned organization. Because their contributions are greatly appreciated by the organization, participants derive a sense of accomplishment and renewed purpose that would be unlikely to occur if they remained inactive during their injury.

What is the most important message that you would like to relay to the readers about your organization?

WHAM is dedicated to providing compassionate help to people who are seeking assistance with difficult situations. Some are experiencing unexpected financial crisis, others consistently struggle with insufficient income to cover their expenses, and many have been living on the streets for some time. Our Care Ministry and Food Pantry team of caring staff and volunteers listen to the particular needs of each client and offers a helping hand with food, rent, utility bills, and employment resources. WHAM is here to help in every way that we can. The need in the community is constant, and WHAM’s work is made possible through the generous support of volunteers, donations to our resale store, and financial contributions.

What is the best way readers can sign up to volunteer? 

Our heart at WHAM is to help others. You can impact lives and make a difference by joining our community of caring volunteers. No experience is necessary, training is provided, hours are flexible, and opportunities are available in all areas of WHAM: Second Blessing Resale Store, Care Ministry, Food Pantry, and Employment Services.

We need you! Contact Ella Clark, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 832-413-5983.

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