ReEmployAbility has worked alongside thousands of Not-for-Profit organizations across the nation to provide for the needs of our partners and those involved in our Transition2Work® Return-to-Work Program. With the implementation of a new Company-Sponsored Volunteer Program, our team members have the opportunity to show how they demonstrate the core values of the company, through service to the communities they advocate for every day.

ReEmployAbility’s very own Katie Backlinie took a trip to the Coalition for the Homeless location in Orlando, to donate her own time as a volunteer. Katie has been a wonderful asset to the ReEmployAbility team for 3 years, upholding the standards of her position as a dedicated Community Care Associate. Katie’s position focuses on the injured workers’ participation during their assignment with our non-for-profit partners. As the main point of contact between the injured workers and our not-for-profit partners, Katie is in constant contact with both parties to obtain feedback and the status updates ReEmployAbility needs to ensure that the assignment experience is a positive one.

Formed in 1987, the Coalition for the Homeless and all their partners, have made it their mission to transform the lives of homeless men, women, and children by providing crucial services to end their crisis of homelessness. During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, over 2,100 men, women, and children sought out the Coalition in their time of need, more than 1,400 Coalition guests were able to set up a more permanent housing arrangement, and through community partnerships over 268,000 meals were served at $0.14 per meal. But unfortunately, there is more work to be done. To find out more information on how to Take Action and the many ways to make a difference in the lives of those in need, follow to learn more >>>

Katie was interviewed about her experience while volunteering at the Coalition for the Homeless, and this is what she had to say:

What is your role at ReEmployAbility? Please give a little background information on yourself. 

​I am currently a Community Care Associate. I have been with ReEmployAbility for about 3 and a half years and I have loved every minute. Helping people is what brings me joy in life, and I am able to do that every day working at ReEmployAbility.

Why did you choose to volunteer at the Coalition for the Homeless, and how is the organization’s mission significant to you?

​I chose to volunteer at Coalition for the Homeless because I have worked closely with this organization through my position at ReEmployAbility. I have been their dedicated team member for over a year. I love that they are such a huge help for the homeless population in Orlando. It’s not just a temporary place for people to sleep, the Coalition for the Homeless is dedicated to helping people and families get back on their feet and get back to a better life. It was also such a pleasure to be able to put faces to the names, like Kristen and the injured workers we currently have placed there.

What were your duties and responsibilities while volunteering? 

While volunteering there, I had the opportunity to sit at the Women and Families desk with one of our injured workers and helped to hand out supplies, charge residents’ phones and assist them in other various ways. I also had the pleasure of assisting in the daycare that the facility runs for the residents. 

What did you enjoy the most about your experience at the Coalition for the Homeless?

Being able to just go and have the opportunity to put faces to the names of people I speak to all the time would have to be what I enjoyed the most about my experience. I enjoyed seeing the facility. It was nice to see what the volunteers and staff do, and the services they provide for all the people they help each day.

Would you recommend others to volunteer at the Coalition for the Homeless, and what should they expect as a volunteer?​

I would definitely suggest others go and volunteer at Coalition for the Homeless. The facility is doing great work for the local community. Potential volunteers can expect a warm welcome from Kristen, the Volunteer Coordinator. They will get a tour, then a chance to sit and work in a couple of different areas so they can get a feel for the facility as a whole. 

Is there any other information you would like to share about Coalition for the Homeless, and your time volunteering?

Coalition for the Homeless helps the community in a variety of ways, by housing people trying to get back on their feet, families out of a home due to illness, or even bringing people on for the night in the event of cold or inclement weather. The facility has such an impact that local businesses donate supplies, hotel room vouchers, and food. This is an organization that is doing a lot of good, and you can see that in the residents of the facility.

What steps were taken to become a volunteer at the Coalition for the Homeless?

I simply went to the organization’s online Volunteer Portal and fill out the application. I believe it was easier for me to schedule an appointment to volunteer because the Coalition for the Homeless is a Not-for-Profit organization in ReEmployAbility’s network. I have worked with them for a while now and because of that connection, it wasn’t difficult for me to volunteer. For the everyday person, I believe there is a little more to the scheduling process.

Click the link to learn more about Coalition for the Homeless and any upcoming events