ReEmployAbility is proud to announce it now provides REALtime, the company’s proprietary electronic time tracking system. REALtime is custom designed for Transition2Work participants, allowing employees to clock in and out for each shift online or via telephone.

REALtime allows employers to eliminate handwritten timesheets and track employees in real-time while they participate in the Transition2Work program for modified duty at a nonprofit organization or other remote location. Employers receive immediate and secure online access to their employee’s time reports by logging into ReEmployAbility’s online portal.

For program participants, REALtime has a simple interface with easy-to-follow prompts in English or Spanish. Time punches can be recorded through the REALtime website or by calling the REALtime phone number and employees can view their own time records online.

“We are continually innovating to enhance the way we serve our clients, nonprofit partners, and the injured workers’ who participate in our return-to-work programs,” said COO Becka Dearth. “Technology plays a crucial role in providing a positive experience for our stakeholders at every touchpoint. Our investment in REALtime affords us the flexibility to customize time tracking and feedback collection to our program’s unique needs.”

REALtime is just one way ReEmployAbility is leading the industry in return-to-work services for their clients and partners across the country.