ReEmployAbility’s podcast, ReAudio, is celebrating its one-year anniversary and is excited to announce that season two will be bringing listeners stories of inspiration and success in the Workers’ Compensation Industry. Starting this month, listeners to ReAudio will hear stories of how a person, situation, or moment in time has changed the lives of our ReAudio guests.

The podcast’s new focus will be telling stories of success and inspiration from the perspective of employers, insurance professionals, injured workers, vendors, and even great minds outside the industry. Stories are the best way for the mind to process information. There’s no better way to teach, inspire and grow than through the experiences of others. 

Join ReEmployAbility each week for the remastered, reinvigorated and retooled ReAudio. Season Two of ReAudio will be the same easy to digest format listeners have always enjoyed in 15-20 minute weekly segments.

Every week you’ll:

  • Be inspired by stories of community kindness and personal determination
  • Gain an expanded perspective from your peers and others
  • Get valuable insight into current issues related to Workers’ Compensation

“We want ReAudio to be a podcast that will inspire others to rethink how they approach their jobs in workers compensation,” said National Sales Manager and podcast host, Todd Loomis. “It may even change how you interact with others outside of work, in your community and family. We want this podcast to focus on the amazing people we meet, to share their stories and bring to the forefront the human kindness and empathy that we see every day in the workers’ compensation industry.”

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