Here at ReEmployAbility we strive to not just provide the best service to our partners, but to fill our company with quality employees. This month, we would love to congratulate Brenda Lovely in honor of her 15th year as part of the ReEmployAbility family. Brenda began with us shortly after we were founded in 2003, and has been helping injured workers return to work and supporting our vision to transform the way employers and insurance carriers approach return to work programs ever since.

Currently, Brenda is a Account Executive, whose position’s primary focus is to seek out and secure new business opportunities. We sat down with Brenda to learn more about her and her experience at ReEmployAbility.

From the start of your career, up to this point, what would you say has been your biggest professional accomplishment and why?

“I am most proud of my recent promotion to Account Executive because it is something that I didn’t know I could be successful doing,” stated Brenda. She went on to praise National Sales Manager, Todd Loomis, for being “an amazing coach and leader, who convinced me to believe in myself and trained me to take the passion that I feel for our service, and use it to sell our services.”

“Todd told me that because I believe in what we do, the rest would be easy. I’m not sure that ‘easy’ is the right word, but it certainly has been fun and rewarding.” Brenda understands that “with new challenges and opportunities every day, and such a wonderful mentor in [National Account Executive] Mary Bennett, I have never been happier.  I wake up every day with a smile on my face and ready to go.” 

What goals do you have or hope to achieve within the company, in the near future?

My goal is to spread the Transition2Work Program and its philosophy. I want everyone to believe, like I do, that together we can do good for others while doing good for our clients’ businesses. We can put smiles on people’s faces and hearts, help people heal, help local communities, and make businesses better.

What makes you proud to work at ReEmployAbility?

Where else do you get to change the world for the better a little bit more each day? What we do ripples through communities everywhere in a very real and positive way. How could that not make me proud?

After so many years, what made you stay with the company?

“I have held many positions at ReEmployAbility. I think that I have stayed this long because I am always encouraged to grow and learn. When I look back at the path that I have taken, it gives me pause. I am in awe. I have grown so far beyond what I once thought that I was, or even dreamed I could be. ReEmployAbility gave me challenges and the opportunities that allowed me to explore my abilities and learn new skills,” Brenda describes as she looks back at her time with the company.

“I’m extremely grateful to Brenda for the contributions she has made to help make ReEmployAbility successful.  Brenda’s growth and determination have helped to shape who we are as a company.  Her commitment sets an example for others and demonstrates the culture of personal and professional development we encourage at ReEmployAbility,” stated CEO and Founder Debra Livingston.

Brenda goes on to explain, “The ‘me’ from back then would barely recognize the ‘me’ from today, but I sure do think that she’d be impressed. It’s that kind of constant growth that makes a job fulfilling and continues to make me want to stay.”

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the many opportunities available here at ReEmployAbility please visit our careers page.