Account Executives Expansion Bolster’s ReEmployAbility’s Mission

ReEmployAbility is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our Account Executives team, signaling an exciting phase of growth and innovation for our organization. This expansion allows us to expand our sales footprint across the nation.

As a leader in the Return-to-Work Worker’s Compensation niche, ReEmployAbility has always provided exceptional services and solutions to our valued clients. With this expansion, we aim to take our commitment to excellence to new heights.

ReEmployAbility has always strived to stay ahead of industry trends and remain at the forefront of advancements. This expansion is a strategic move that not only strengthens our ability to serve our existing clients but also positions us to reach even higher levels with our Transition2Work service. We are glad to welcome Angela Fulgieri, Terry Fisher, and Lisa Sideratos to their roles as Account Executives and know their long-standing professionalism and experience will only serve to enhance ReEmployAbility.

Meet the Team

Lisa Sideratos joined the ReEmployAbility Team in December 2018, excelling in the service department and providing top-notch service to clients. She took a chance and became an Account Manager, successfully onboarding, retaining, and cultivating relationships with clients. Lisa is a program knowledge expert who leads in growing business and referral volume. Her dedication to driving positive results and business will be a great asset as an Account Executive.

Prior to joining ReEmployAbility, Angela Fulgieri was a Program Director with the Tampa YMCA where she led a team of 40+ part-time staff in the Wellness Dept. and managed senior volunteers. She was responsible for budgeting and fiscal management for the fitness center, hitting personal training sales goals, fostering relationships within the community and board of Directors, and assisting with fundraising. Her wide breadth of knowledge will serve her in her new role.

Looking to the Future

“We are so excited to introduce three new Account Executives to our team!” stated ReEmployAbility Sales Manager Todd Loomis. “Angela, Terry, and Lisa are great assets to the Sales department and will undoubtedly bring excellent customer service to our valued clients. We’re excited to see this new phase of growth for ReEmployAbility and how they will succeed.”

The expanded Account Executives team will play a pivotal role in fostering even stronger client relationships, understanding their evolving needs, and tailoring solutions that drive success. Their efforts will be instrumental in our mission to deliver excellent value and exceed client expectations.

At ReEmployAbility, we are excited about this expansion and what it represents for our clients, employees, and stakeholders. We are committed to maintaining our position as an industry leader and look forward to the opportunities and challenges this growth will bring.

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