Through ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work® program, thousands of injured workers and nonprofits across the country are able to experience the benefits of volunteering. As a business that is very familiar with the physical and mental benefits of volunteerism for individuals, it is important to encourage each of our team members to take the opportunity to pursue their own community service initiatives at the nonprofit of their choice. ReEmployAbility’s company-sponsored nonprofit program “ReEmployAbility in the Community” does just that! This month we would like to feature Client Service Coordinator Janilice Rivera and her recent volunteer efforts with the local church and ReEmployAbility nonprofit partner, Harvest Assembly of God.

Get to Know Janilice and Harvest Assembly of God

Janilice has been a member of the ReEmployAbility team for over 3 years, providing excellent customer service to our clients. In her personal life, she is an artist who enjoys taking any opportunity to harness her abilities and be creative. She regularly attends the local church Harvest Assembly of God in Lakeland, FL with her family. She resonated with the organization’s seasonal Fine Arts event and had to jump on the chance to contribute her artistic abilities to such a great cause. Janilice recalls her purpose for volunteering, stating, “It was close to my heart and I wanted to cultivate these students and their talents, overcoming fears, and helping them grow as individuals.”

Harvest Assembly of God is an extension of the Assemblies of God, a global organization with a mission to “establish the church among all peoples everywhere by reaching, planting, training, and serving.” Harvest Assembly of God’s district is associated with the PenFlorida Youth Fine Arts program. Churches all across the United States participate within their respective districts before going to nationals. Every year PenFlorida Youth organizes a Fine Arts Festival to “help students develop their God-given gifts and talents,” while competing against others in a national event. The program helps students steward and develop a wide range of creative talents, help them overcome fears, and learn new skills.

Harvesting the Fine Arts

For several months, Janilice has been assisting Harvest Assembly of God as a coach to multiple students, preparing them for an annual event called “Fine Arts”, and volunteering her services in the Human Video, 2d/3d art, and Alternative Media competition categories. Janilice would attend weekly practices for the Human Video category and assist students with their art by teaching them techniques and providing constructive feedback on their work. She recalls her experience as an “amazing opportunity to volunteer with my local church.” Some of the students she was overseeing were able to advance during the district competition in Orlando, FL, and will be moving on to nationals in Columbus, OH this upcoming August. Even with so many acts to coordinate, the show must go on! “We were all running around, escorting students to their stations to present for their 53 performing categories and 27 nonperforming categories and cheer them on,” Janilice describes her experience in Orlando. Janilice is looking forward to participating behind the scenes at nationals, supporting her students who have advanced to the next level in the festival.

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Janilice recommends and encourages anyone interested to volunteer at Harvest Assembly of God, claiming, “It’s all one big family!” She continues to describe the nonprofit as an organized team environment with genuine members who care for you and your purpose, stating, “Be prepared to roll up your sleeves as there’s a lot of things always going on that they need help with.”

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