This August, ReEmployAbility was honored to be a part of the Give Kids the World Village annual service day, the start of the 76th Annual Workers’ Compensation Institute Educational Conference festivities in Orlando, FL. Fifteen members of the ReEmployAbility team joined forces with other volunteers to provide service to the Give Kids the World Village organization. Services ranged from arts and crafts to maintenance duties around the park, and each task fulfilled a great purpose for the needs and function of the organization.

Since its inception in 1986, Give Kids the World has welcomed more than 177,000 families from across the United States and 76 countries. Rated Four Stars by Charity Navigator, Give Kids the World Village is an 89-acre, nonprofit in Kissimmee, Florida, “providing week-long, cost-free wish vacations to critically ill children and their families”. This organization is made possible by the support of its generous donors and community partners, as well as thousands of “passionate volunteers” who donate their time and skills.

It was our group’s responsibility to assist the nonprofit in cleaning and painting the walls that border the property. In collaboration with multiple teams from companies within the workers’ compensation industry, we worked hard in the hot Florida sun to get the job done. In just 3 hours, we all were able to complete a whole month’s worth of work! This effort would not have been possible without the tenacity and endurance of all who participated.

When asked about her experience and participation, ReEmployAbility Marketing Assistant Miryana Johnson said, “I did not mind participating in such a labor-intensive activity for Give Kids the World Village, because I knew that it was important and meaningful to the organization and the families they help every day. I was proud of everyone who got through it and was grateful to those volunteers who provided snacks and beverages along the way.”

To conclude all of our hard work, we took time to cool off and hydrate inside the air-conditioned buildings on the property and then enjoyed a group tour of the park.  For those who have never heard of or experienced the Give Kids the World Village magic before that day, they were in for a great treat. It was an honor to see where all their hard work was going towards, and all the families that will benefit from it at the end of the day.

Many of our team members like Ashley Valentin, did not know much about Give Kids the World Village and the services they provide, before the day. Because the organization’s staff took the time to inform volunteers about their mission and provide tours around the park, this allowed volunteers to have a better understanding of the purpose of their service and to better resonate with the cause. When asked about her experience following the service day, Ashley stated, “It meant so much to be able to help a facility that does such amazing work for children and their families. It was amazing to see all the employees so happy and all the incredible things available to families so they can relax and have fun with their little ones. It genuinely felt so good to be even just a small part of that.”

ReEmployAbility would like to thank the Workers’ Compensation Institute and Give Kids the World Village for allowing us to learn more about the nonprofit and how it provides a large service to families in need. Our team was happy to participate in a fun day of hard work and service to the Orlando community.

Click the link to learn more about Give Kids the World Village and how you too can give back!

Reviews From Our Volunteers

Our hard work in the heat was a small sacrifice compared to what the kids and families that become the special guests at Give Kids The World Village, have to make every day. It was worth a little sweat to know we helped just a little bit.

I was looking forward to this volunteering event since the first day it was announced a few months ago during our monthly company meeting. I have to say with all sincerity that it lived up to my expectations. It was encouraging to see how many people showed up and genuinely appeared to want to be there. That really energized me, and I shared this with as many volunteers as I could and not just people from our team.

Volunteering at Give Kids the World was a great opportunity to not only connect with our team outside the office, but to also complete a meaningful project that will benefit the Village and its visitors. To know that our efforts in painting the exterior wall will help provide a warm welcome to the families is invaluable. I'm grateful to have learned more about the experiences and happiness that the Village provides to their "wish" families, and I'm glad our team got to play a part in adding a little brightness to the Village, and in hopefully making someone else's day.