ReEmployAbility Account Executive Natalie Torres presented at the People’s Choice Award at the Comp Laude® Awards & Gala which took place October 3-4, 2022 in Huntington Beach, CA.

The Comp Laude® Awards & Gala is an annual event hosted by WorkCompCentral for industry stakeholders as an opportunity for educational information, networking, and includes an awards ceremony. During the People’s Choice Award segment, colleagues are invited to share personal stories in line with Comp Laude’s mission to emphasize positivity in the worker’s compensation industry.

Natalie Torres was voted as the winner for her story entitled, “It’s All Perfect Already.” Torres shared that she is, “humbled and honored by those who were inspired by my life experience to cast their vote for me,” via a LinkedIn post on October 5. Sharing a family experience of the uncertainties and challenges injured workers face, the story illustrated how embracing something engaging and purposeful can change a person’s life in a holistic way.

“Good stories do more than create a sense of connection. They build a familiarity and trust that allow the listener to enter the story and relate their own pain and experiences to another’s,” said ReEmployAbility CEO Debra Livingston, “In Natalie’s story, we can all relate to her struggles and the recognition that everything in our lives is what makes it ‘all perfect.’ I’m proud of Natalie for her courage to share her story, and I’m excited to see the effect that follows.”

ReEmployAbility congratulates all the presenters alongside Torres: Tim Hassett-Sally, Tim Rose, David Ibarra, Dr. Les Kertay, Joshua Schuette, Patrizia Cassaniti, and Eddy Canavan.