ReEmployAbility is happy to announce the premiere of season three of ReAudio, its leading podcast dedicated to uplifting stories in the Worker’s Compensation field. This year, the podcast is pivoting from interviewing injured workers to exploring the stories that inspire us.

We invite you to join Todd Loomis, ReEmployAbility National Sales Manager and ReAudio host, as he continues to provide inspiring, educational, and informative insights into the Workers’ Compensation field. Todd expressed, “We want to celebrate the fact that every individual has a unique story. Our core mission is rooted in the individual lives of injured workers and their ability to overcome adversity every day.”

Allow us to give you a new perspective on the Workers Compensation industry through storytelling. Season three of ReAudio will guide you to ReImagine your Workers Comp ReAlity from the daily stories of our Injured Workers.

This season, ReAudio will present episodes in short 10 to 15-minute segments, the perfect amount of time to inspire you during your daily commute. Bi-weekly episodes will highlight stories about the triumph of the human spirit and the importance of leading with the good. Whether you are someone in the Workers’ Compensation field or seeking an inspirational listen, ReAudio is for you!

Mark your calendars, the new season will premiere on July 6th, 2023. Subscribe to ReAudio at or on popular podcasting outlets including Spotify, Google, Apple, Amazon, Stitcher, and more! ReConnect with us at!