Every year thousands of risk management professionals from around the world flock to the RIMS Annual Conference, and since 2008, the ReEmployAbility team has set up shop in the expo hall to greet them all.  Like the previous nine years, this conference was a huge success. From first time experiences to making memorable new connections, our team reflects on the trip and their RIMS experience this year.

Inspired by History
by Debra Livingston, Co-Founder

Walking through Philadelphia during the conference, I realized what a great venue the city made to host an influential conference such as RIMS. When you are in Philadelphia, it is easy to be inspired by the patriotism, the founding fathers, and the historical references. You look at our great country and how far we have come, and it’s inspiring! And that perspective reminds you of the great things that can be accomplished.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” This year’s conference theme, Revolution, was also very fitting not only for the host city, but also for the RIMS conference. Because RIMS is the epicenter for innovation, and things that are different in our industry do cause a revolution; it is so difficult to create change when there is such a solid foundation. While the insurance industry is traditionally slow to move, changes made are usually meaningful and monumental.

Speaking at RIMS Thought Leader Theater
by Frances Ford, Co-Founder

This year’s trip to RIMS was very memorable because it was the first time I had the opportunity to speak at the conference. Of course because it was my first time speaking, I expected it to be an intimidating experience. However, the Thought Leader Theater forum was so well coordinated and organized, I just showed up and everything worked like clockwork. Everyone worked together and there was this natural flow and order to things so that none of the speakers went over their time. The experience was refreshing. The setting for the series was secluded to minimize distractions, but it was also well positioned in the expo hall that it attracted many engaged visitors who asked insightful questions.

A First Timer’s Experience
by Victoria Giuliani, Director of Sales

This was my first time at RIMS and my first experience was absolutely incredible. Though I had heard many stories from the rest of the team, I am new to the industry and really didn’t know what to expect. I’ll never forget the first time walking through the expo hall. It was so vast and it was amazing to see what this industry had to offer. It was also amazing to see so many of our favorite customers all under one roof. I have to admit it was a little bit overwhelming, but incredibly exciting and inspiring. The amount of people the conference brings together and having this forum that allows everyone to discuss important topics is really something that can’t be replicated. Not only did I have this amazing opportunity to connect with our clients, I also got to spend time with my own team and build upon our relationships.

Making That Coffee Connection
by Kelly Lawless, Senior Account Executive

RIMS is always a great opportunity to make a personal connection with clients. This year, RIMS made it easier to connect with new people. One surprising new addition this year was a little kiosk in the expo hall that offered free coffee, espresso, and cappuccinos. Not only was it a great and convenient escape from boring hotel coffee, because it was a hot destination spot for attendees, it was a great opportunity to meet people you may not have by just maintaining the booth. For example, there was a time that I was in line next to someone from a company I had been trying to reach out to, and we were able to bond over this quick coffee break. This simple coffee booth was such a highlight in the conference. I will never forget making my third trip in a day and the barista greeted me with a smile and said, “Here you are; I’ve been looking for you.”

Finding Inspiration From a Familiar Source
by Mary Bennett, Account Executive

I have attended many RIMS conferences and they all lend to different experiences. This year was memorable because I had the great opportunity to catch Frances speak at Thought Leader Theater. Her session provided valuable insight on why Return-to-Work is such an important piece in workers’ compensation for any organization. If there is not a productive Return-to-Work program set in place, one claim could cost a company thousands of dollars if it is not handled properly. I am very proud to work for such a passionate company! I am so humbled by my job every day because we provide this solution to companies that not only helps the injured workers, but also the community.

Building Upon Existing Relationships
by Natalie Baughman, Account Executive

I enjoy RIMS every year. This year I realized that we have so many amazing and loyal clients. RIMS offers a great opportunity to build upon those relationships, whether it was catching up with them at parties, or having them simply stopping by our booth. I am proud to work at ReEmployAbility, because our client’s loyalty speaks volumes about our level of customer service and our passion to deliver the best Return-to-Work program to the nation.