We are enjoying hosting Amanda. She is easy to approach, eager to learn and attentive to tasks assigned. Her duties as office clerk/administrative assistant remain the same. To date, Amanda has mastered the supply and ordering system, achieved competence with both of our primary data bases, and assumed receptionist duties. At present, she is ‘rearranging’ our Tutor Resource/Tips collection to provide for easier access by our volunteer tutors!

Amanda is very conscientious about communicating with us regarding her physical therapy and doctor appointments. She often has to arrange her schedule around those appointments, yet she manages to accomplish all assigned tasks. Again, we appreciate the opportunity to assist Amanda in her transitioning back to her normal work.

—Volunteer Coordinator, Literacy Program

Running a successful nonprofit organization can be challenging, which is why having volunteers is so important. Many of the volunteers in our program have played a vital role in completing projects that help the nonprofit share their mission and help the surrounding community.  We love hearing that nonprofits like Opportunity to Read have been able to benefit from the volunteers in our Transition2Work program!