In June 2023, NonProfit Relationship Managers, Lindsey Bressi and Angela Fulgieri attended the Mulberry Community Service Center’s annual Volunteer appreciation event. Mulberry Community Center is a local organization that provides basic life necessities to those in need, including emergency food, clothing, and hygiene kits. Their other work includes providing financial stability courses, which include information on budgeting, savings, and tax preparation.  

Making a Difference

Over the last year, the Mulberry Community Service Center served 7,200 families in Mulberry and Haines City through their food pantry distribution efforts alone. So far this year, they’ve helped 61 households with rent, electric, and gas utility bills. They’ve given supplies to four families who have lost their homes to fires this year. They also host back-to-school bashes for children at the end of summer. They provide them with check-ups, up-to-date shots, haircuts, backpack supplies, books, and uniforms. At a nearby homeless camp, they provide nearly thirty individuals with emergency food and hygiene care packages, as well as tents for those without shelter. 

“If it were not for the volunteers, we would not be able to operate in the manner that we operate,” Jennifer Olivas, the Mulberry Community Service Center Executive Director, said on Friday night. “This year, our numbers were really high. Our volunteers serve in every capacity. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t be able to do any of what we do. The need is getting higher – cost of living is going up, we have more and more people reaching out, and we’ve become busier.” Since September 2022, Mulberry Community Center has hosted over 24 light-duty Transition2Work participants with ReEmployAbility. The ReEmployAbility Transition2Work volunteers assist in the thrift store, food bank, and other areas for the association while recovering from Workers’ Compensation claims. These positions are able to accommodate their medical restrictions while enabling them to serve their community. 

Celebrating Volunteers

Luis completed his light-duty work at the Service Center for three months before returning to work. While there, he helped maintain the thrift store sales floor by sorting and tagging incoming donations, tidying merchandise on shelves, and dusting the displays. He continues to visit the Service Center several times a month – sometimes to just stop by and say “hi” to the staff and other volunteers, other times to spend a few hours tidying the space and contributing to the Service’s mission. “You can always see the difference when Luis comes in,” Jennifer said. And this year, he was the recipient of the Service Center’s “Shining Star” award!! We were thrilled to see him praised and celebrated as a dedicated volunteer.  

Not only does the Mulberry Community Center help local families and those in need but it is also a proud ReEmployAbility Non-Profit partner. We’re happy to partner with them to aid Injured Workers make a difference.  

About Mulberry Community Service Center 

Mulberry Community Service Center’s mission is to meet community needs one family at a time through day-to-day assistance, empowerment, financial literacy, coaching, and education.  

If you would like more information about the Mulberry Community Center and the amazing work that they do for their community visit them at 

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