Like all new employees who begin their first day on the job, learning the ropes can take some time.  But for Mr. Smith* who started his new job as a cook for the employer, he quickly became acquainted with more than just learning how to ignite the kitchen burners.  He was also introduced to the employer’s new Workers’ Compensation Injury Program. The day after he was hired, Mr. Smith filed a Workers’ Compensation claim for a lower back strain sustained while cleaning the deep fryer.

Mr. Smith remained off work on disability for nearly a year (along with his wife, who was also home on a workers’ comp injury).  He continued receiving workers’ comp payments until ReEmployAbility was called in to assist with his return-to-work. By noon on the same day of the referral, ReEmployAbility’s Placement Coordinator had located a volunteer position at a local non-profit organization who could accommodate Mr. Smith’s restriction of no lifting more than 10lbs.  The employer used the Transition2Work Program. Eureka!  As soon as Mr. Smith was notified of the volunteer assignment which would accommodate his light duty restrictions, he went to his physician the very next day and was instantly released to return to work full duty.

This story demonstrates the success employers can have in lowering their cost of worker’s compensation insurance by offering employees alternative options and encouraging a faster return to work. Call ReEmployAbility today to learn more about the Transition2Work Program and its benefits! (866) 663-9880

*Name has been changed in order to protect privacy.