David Weller is a Tesla employee who unfortunately experienced a back injury while completing his duties. When referred by Tesla to the Transition2Work program, David was eager to return to work. He requested to be stationed at Caritas of Austin, a nonprofit he has volunteered before. It didn’t take long for David to work alongside Caritas of Austin staff to provide life-changing opportunities at Tesla for those in need.

Watch the full video to learn about Transition2Work’s impact on David and Caritas of Austin’s experience in the program from Volunteer Coordinator Hanna Garner.

About Caritas of Austin

Caritas of Austin believes that together, the nonprofit has the ability to realize its full potential and end homelessness in the Greater Austin area. The organization assists its patrons by providing safe housing, access to healthy groceries, jobs that provide a reliable living wage, and educational opportunities to learn life skills.  

Find out more information on Caritas of Austin at https://caritasofaustin.org/

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