This new year, ReEmployAbility will continue to share stories leading with the good. We work towards spotlighting our nonprofit partners who are making a true impact in their communities. Our Transition2Work program continues to make a difference in the lives of the injured participants and the nonprofits they assist while on modified duty.

Do You Know Who Got Game?

Our nonprofit partner Who Got Game understands the importance of providing employment assistance to people with disabilities. This organization’s mission is to create employment and housing opportunities. It accomplishes this by building a healthier community through education and awareness of the area’s most vulnerable people. Who Got Game understands that every child and adult has something to offer. The volunteers and staff make it their goal to provide services that can enhance a person’s personal or professional life.

Through peer mentorship and employment assistance services, the organization serves people who are ready to start their careers. Who Got Game has become a useful asset to those who may have found challenges in the past due to a physical or mental disability. Recently, Who Got Game has joined Emory University’s “180 Degrees Consulting” program. The organization will now receive consulting services from its university branch. This new partnership would aid the nonprofit in overcoming any challenges it may face in order to achieve its full potential.

Teaching people with disabilities to enter the workforce

Transition2Work is a Team Player

ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program provides nonprofits like Who Got Game with valuable assistance through our modified to light-duty return-to-work services. The high demand for volunteers is fulfilled by our program participants. Founder Kraig McHardy describes our Transition2Work program as, “a tremendous asset”. He goes on to state, “It allows us to meet the needs of our organization by providing volunteers who can assist in creating a database of potential employers to effectively match our transitioning students with a career suited to their abilities.” Our program participants have the flexibility to impact their community with Who Got Game while not jeopardizing their health as they recover.

Employment assistance to people with disabilities

It is important to the organization and its staff to “help make the generational change for people with disabilities.” A large population of disabled people make up the unemployed, incarcerated, and obese demographics in the world. It is imperative that they are given just as much opportunity as anyone else to better themselves academically, personally, and professionally. We are honored that Transition2Work can help in that mission.

More to Come for Who Got Game

On March 6, Who Got Game will be hosting an event for local community leaders, educators, and advocates for persons with disabilities in Tallahassee, FL. at the Parkview at Cascades from 7 pm to 10 pm. Staff will present the nonprofit’s leadership program that provides peer mentoring through career exploration. This program aims to help high school students with disabilities as they transition successfully from high school to life after graduation.

On March 25, Who Got Game will be hosting its first monthly networking events. These events will highlight local businesses that are providing community services and resources to help their residents attain a better quality of life. This event will be held at the Who Got Game headquarters in Stuart FL. at 432 Martin Luther King Jr. BLVD.

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