ReEmployAbility has expanded its Transition2Work program to include enhanced availability of remote not-for-profit opportunities. Now, injured workers have a greater variety of return-to-work options so they can work from home or their employer’s worksite.

As an industry leader, ReEmployAbility has expanded this program in response to the changing marketplace dynamics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This program was originally launched in 2019 to assist injured workers and has recently grown in importance due to increasing demand for social distancing initiatives.

ReEmployAbility has developed a variety of opportunities that are aligned with the language, capabilities, and technological proficiency of our Transition2Work participants. The Work from Home or Employer Worksite program ensures meaningful and safe return-to-work for injured workers as the country manages the impact of the pandemic. The program also provides greater flexibility to enable employers to accommodate employees who require difficult work restrictions such as frequent medication requirements, no driving, or low physical activity.

The Work from Home or Employer Worksite program has been developed through national and local not-for-profits that provide opportunities that meet ReEmployAbility’s standards on meaningful return-to-work. Injured workers that have already participated in the program have had successful outcomes and a positive return-to-work experience.

“We have done a significant amount of research and explored various nonprofit organizations for work from home opportunities,” said CEO Debra Livingston. “Exceptional care has been taken to identity meaningful remote assignment options that are not repetitive tasks, but instead, safe activities suitable for an injured worker to complete for full time work while at home. As the leader in the development of transitional employment programs, we take very seriously the reliability of our programs and that they positively influence the lives of the people we serve.”

If you would like more information on the Work from Home or Employer Worksite program, contact ReEmployAbility at (866) 663-9880 or email us at