October is a time when communities, organizations, and individuals come together to shed light on a topic that touches the lives of countless women and their families worldwide. Breast Cancer Awareness Month becomes a powerful reminder of the importance of early detection, support, and research for breast cancer. In this month’s Nonprofit Spotlight we hear from one of our local nonprofit organizations, My Hope Chest. ReEmployAbility was fortunate enough to work with My Hope Chest’s founder and CEO Alisa Savoretti throughout the month. Alisa sat down with ReAudio host Todd Loomis, for a second year, to catch up on any updates with the nonprofit. In a recent interview, Alisa raised awareness for the much-needed support her organization requires to provide service to women who have battled breast cancer.

The Core Message

Established in 2003, My Hope Chest is the only charity in Tampa Bay to financially help women with breast reconstruction who lack co-pays needed to prevent delayed breast reconstruction surgery. CEO and founder Alisa states, “We are proud of our work and our goal is to continue to be the resource for these women and have more of our healthcare community (hospitals, surgeons) partner with us.” This year, the organization celebrates 20 years in service, dedicating its mission to breast cancer survivors.

My Hope Chest is not merely about breast cancer awareness; it is about taking concrete action to change the lives of breast cancer survivors. While awareness is important, the organization’s focus is on providing breast reconstruction surgery – the missing piece of the puzzle for many survivors. While My Hope Chest receives referrals from some of the largest pink ribbon organizations, such as Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer Society, they operate without direct funding. As a result, they face an ongoing waitlist, leaving many women in need waiting for years. My Hope Chest’s mission is to transform the lives of breast cancer survivors, one breast at a time.

Many charities cover research, education, and awareness of the disease. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that many women lack insurance and money for their large insurance deductibles to attain their desired breast reconstruction surgery. This may leave them disfigured, depressed, and feeling “less than whole.” Many longing for the much-needed closure from their cancer journey. For these women, the breast reconstruction process is complex, involving three surgeries that can take up to a year to complete. This brings us to Breast Cancer Awareness ACTION Month and the pivotal role My Hope CHest plays in this vital campaign.

Breast Cancer Awareness ACTION Month

What makes My Hope Chest stand out is the focus on the specific issue of breast reconstruction for survivors who lack insurance, money for high deductibles, and access to the care they need. My Hope Chest is set up to fill this void, bringing a sense of closure to the cancer journey and helping survivors regain their sense of self and confidence.

The nonprofit calls October, breast cancer ACTION month as they provide a definitive service. One of My Hope Chest’s main fundraisers “HOPE for SURVIVORS in OCTOBER!” is a third-party event campaign where others host fundraisers on its behalf. Alisa states, “We encourage those supporting breast cancer to contact us and we will work together to help them do any kind of event they wish, small or large, every dollar matters!”

Giving Back and Getting Involved

My Hope Chest operates year-round because breast cancer does not take a break. There are multiple ways you can contribute to this essential cause. Making an ongoing donation of any size ensures a stable budget for the nonprofit to provide services throughout the year. Becoming a Sustainer through a five-year annual tithe is a significant commitment that truly helps the organization’s financial stability. Adding My Hope Chest to Employee Giving Programs is another way to support their mission.

Furthermore, My Hope Chest is in need of new leadership for its 2024 Advisory and Board of Directors, as tenures expire and current leaders move on. Your expertise and passion could help shape the organization’s future and ensure it continues its vital work for the next 20 years. In solidarity with the cause, ReEmployAbility has chosen to host an internal fundraiser where all proceeds will be donated to My Hope Chest.

Taking Action and Voluntering

My Hope Chest Thanks You for Your Support

My Hope Chest is immensely grateful to those who support its essential work. Alisa states, “We are grateful to visionaries who support our important and much-needed work- thank you!” She goes on to explain that “Charities belong to the people. We do our best and want to help more women each year. we hope to see new faces join our crusade!” 

This October and beyond, let us rally behind My Hope Chest, and other nonprofits, as they continue their crucial work, offering hope, healing, and a renewed sense of self to breast cancer survivors in need. Join us in making a difference that truly matters.

If you too would like to make a donation, please follow the link >>

Visit www.myhopechest.org for more information! Stay up to date with what’s going on with My Hope Chest on all social media platforms @MyHopeChest

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