Making an Impact on the Workforce

Are you ready to be inspired?  Factory OS does a lot of things differently in the construction world, but the biggest might be their hiring practices. Geared at giving people the training they need to succeed, they are improving people’s self-worth, one employee at a time. We sit down with Factory OS EHS Manager Trevor Bach and HR Payroll & Benefits Specialist Jeanne Roberts to learn how Factory OS is making a significant impact in the Vallejo community. Reaching individuals who’ve been overlooked by the traditional job market, and offering them more than just a job – but a renewed purpose.

Trust and Support in HR Management

A unique approach to HR Management

With a unique approach to HR management, Factory OS is fostering a culture of trust and support, which has resulted in a remarkable workplace transformation. You’ll learn about the inspiring practices in place, like weekly safety meetings, and the emphasis on open communication. We also explore their fruitful partnership with Delaney Street, a non-profit committed to helping individuals transition back into the workforce. From the ‘Humans Behind the Housing’ stories on their website, we share touching narratives of lives that have been completely altered through the efforts of Factory OS. This conversation will open your eyes to a company that prioritizes its people. Join us, and be inspired by Factory OS’s dedication to their employees and community.

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