In this month’s Nonprofit Spotlight, we delve into the collaborative efforts that drive collective action among ReEmployAbility and our nonprofit partner Family Service Association (FSA). We will also dive into the crucial role injured employees have in their community as they help fulfill FSA’s mission during their time in our Transition2Work return-to-work program. Acts of service and involvement can ripple into monumental transformations for all involved. With the help of FSA Administrative Specialist Jennifer Heaton, we were able to get a first-hand insight into FSA and how they contribute to their community, and the impact Transition2Work has on fulfilling the nonprofit’s mission.

Family Service Association & HOPE Collaborative

Family Service Association (FSA) aims to address poverty, hunger, and health in families and underserved communities throughout Riverside and San Bernardino County. Family Service Association serves nearly 20,000 people each year, including children, families, and seniors. Their services are in place to benefit people in need to work towards a more stable future. FSA does this by:

  • Providing safe spaces for children while their parents work or study.
  • Offering Trauma Informed Mental Health Services.
  • Prioritizing Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs.
  • Providing nutritious food, case management support, quality affordable housing, and safe spaces to form a community for seniors and homebound individuals.
Assisting families and communities

Since 2013, FSA has been the appointed Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) for Riverside County, CA, known as the HOPE Collaborative. The mission of the HOPE Collaborative is to “promote the safety of children and prevent abuse and neglect in Riverside County.” The program works to raise community awareness, education, and training. Services are provided to child abuse victims and families impacted by abuse and neglect. Click the link to learn more about the HOPE Collaborative >>

Recent Accomplishments and Recognitions

In 2022, the California State Legislature honored FSA with the 2022 Nonprofit of the Year Award. California Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh personally chose FSA for its leadership and responsive care to families in the region. FSA was also highlighted in the Press Enterprise for its role in uplifting hardworking families in the Inland Empire.

Aiding The Rehabilitation of Child Abuse with Transition2Work

ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program helps thousands of injured workers every year while providing the needed volunteers for our nonprofit partners, like Family Service Association. The Transition2Work program “has supported several of FSA’s programs and services,” stated Ms. Heaton. One program in particular she mentions is the Senior Nutrition Program. This program provides nutritious congregate and home-delivered meals to elderly seniors at 27 sites in the Inland Empire. She informed us that “nearly 2,000 meals are served each day!” Transition2Work participants work hard to help support the Senior Nutrition Program in many ways from answering calls to packing meals on-site.

Patrons at the nonprofit aren’t the only ones who benefit from the extra assistance Transition2Work provides. Ms. Heaton explains that “injured workers benefit from the Transition2Work program by learning new skills and engaging in meaningful work for the health and well-being of our community.” Like many of our nonprofit partners, FSA connects injured workers with a temporary modified-duty assignment that is within their physical capabilities. Injured participants are guided and mentored by FSA team members throughout the time that is spent at the nonprofit. “We often hear that workers enjoy conducting meaningful tasks that improve the lives of others,” stated Ms. Heaton. From mentorship, many people in the program are given the opportunity to professionally develop and expand their skill set.

Receiving mentorship in the community

As one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the region, FSA relies on its 300 team members, hundreds of volunteers, and dozens of stakeholders to help uphold its mission. Ms. Heaton’s final message states, “We are grateful for all of the support received to meet the needs of our community.” ReEmployAbility is proud to be partnered of such a great cause and assist a nonprofit that remains as dedicated as our team to improving the lives of those in need.

If you would like to stay updated with Family Service Association’s events, programs, and volunteer opportunities, connect with them on social media at @fsaca, or by signing up for their newsletter.

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