In this month’s Nonprofit Spotlight, we delve into the inspiring work of The Education Partnership (TEP), exploring their mission, initiatives, and how ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work® program assists the organization in making a difference. This organization shares our passion for creating lasting, positive change in the community. We were fortunate to interview Advancement Associate Seth Berkin to get a better insight into TEP and how Transition2Work contributes to its mission.

In the heart of Southwestern Pennsylvania, The Education Partnership (TEP) stands as a beacon of hope for under-resourced schools and their communities. With a mission rooted in providing essential school supplies for both students and teachers, TEP has become a transformative force, serving 63,000 students and 9,300 teachers across 171 under-resourced schools in an eight-county service area.

Providing resources to teachers and students

A recent milestone has brought accolades and recognition to TEP. The organization was honored to receive the Citizens Bank Champions in Action Award, marking its first grant dedicated to sustainability. This achievement not only highlights their commitment to environmental responsibility but also positions TEP to potentially earn the prestigious ISO 14001 Certification, setting them on a path to becoming the first nonprofit in Pittsburgh to achieve this environmental management standard.

The Heart of TEP: A Commitment to Teachers and Students

Beyond the numbers and accolades, The Education Partnership wants the community to know that they are deeply invested in the well-being and success of the teachers and students they serve. TEP views their work as a team effort, acknowledging that their impact would be impossible without the support of volunteers and the community. With continued support, TEP aspires to extend its reach to encompass all 250 qualifying under-resourced schools in their service area.

The Education Partnership’s success is not only measured in awards but also in the tangible impact they have on the community. TEP’s collaboration with the Transition2Work program has proven instrumental in achieving its goals. Despite being a small but dedicated team, TEP distributed a staggering $9.5 million worth of school supplies in 2022, thanks to the invaluable support of volunteers from Transition2Work. These volunteers play a crucial role in sorting, packing, and distributing supplies to schools and teachers, amplifying TEP’s reach and impact.

School supplies

Empowering Injured Workers through Transition2Work

For participants in the Transition2Work program, contributing to TEP offers more than just a task; it provides a sense of accomplishment and purpose. The injured workers engaged in this initiative witness firsthand the positive change they are bringing to the community. Whether assembling school supply kits or sorting inventory, their efforts yield tangible results that echo in the joyous faces of teachers receiving the support they need to nurture young minds.

In closing, The Education Partnership’s journey is a story of resilience, community, and the transformative power of education. With eyes set on a sustainable future and a commitment to uplifting those in need, TEP is not just providing supplies but fostering an environment where every student and teacher can thrive.

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