Return-to-Work offers Injured Workers an Opportunity to Give Back

ReEmployAbility’s Nonprofit Relationship Manager, Lindsey Bressi, visited the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton in California in May and learned more about their incredible mission. At the beginning of the day, there were three Transition2Work participants on the front lines of one of the biggest pantry drive-through distribution centers that ReEmployAbility works with. The food bank hosts these drive-thru distributions Monday – Friday and serves 450-500 households daily.

On the day Lindsey visited, they were short-handed volunteers for the drive-through distribution, that inspired her to spring into action. Lindsey grabbed a volunteer vest and used her time to count households, greet people in their vehicles, and load cars with food boxes. While volunteering at the Emergency Food Bank, she interacted with Transition2Work participants and got a sense of their daily routine and experience. Lindsey was allowed to volunteer with them for a few hours in the morning and learn about their experiences at the nonprofit. 

As of August 2023, The Emergency Food Bank of Stockton has surpassed over 200 individual Transition2Work participants in their 7-year relationship with us. Lindsey Bressi celebrated the news, by stating the following:

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton given the critical work that they provide for their community and their dedication to injured workers in the Transition2Work program.

ReEmployAbility partnered with the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton in 2018. They’ve hosted 200 of our light-duty participants, providing them with meaningful work and the opportunity to help their neighbors in need. Nonprofits rely on volunteers, and their generosity is crucial to fulfilling our missions. Our volunteers contribute behind the scenes at the food bank, directly putting food on people’s plates. During a recent visit, I witnessed the food bank’s mission in action, volunteering during a daily drive-thru distribution that serves 400-500 households each day. Our participants connect deeply with the mission and take pride in helping their struggling community. We will continue to grow and evolve this partnership, aiming to connect the Food Bank with another two hundred volunteers.”

The Non-Profit Partner Difference

Creating these strong relationships between ReEmployAbility and our Nonprofit Partners allows us to stand out in the Return-to-Work field. With our Transition2Work program, you can rest easy knowing that your injured employees will participate in meaningful work that directly assists their community. With over 45,000 nonprofit partners in our database, we can locate light-duty assignments unique to the injured worker and their needs. When locating a placement, we consider the individuals’ medical restrictions, work hours, previous work experience, location distance, and duties. Additionally, over 99% of our participants agree that their time with their nonprofit organization is meaningful and helps their recovery. 

Our Transition2Work participants assist organizations nationwide, making a difference in their community and healing as they work within medical restrictions. Our dedication to our Nonprofit Partners and Transition2Work participants is just a small example of how ReEmployAbility makes a difference with stakeholders and communities across the country. 

Emergency Food Bank

Emergency Food Bank Stockton/San Joaquin County, founded in 1968, is the largest direct provider of packaged emergency food in San Joaquin County. The mission of the Emergency Food Bank is to build a stronger community by providing a safety net of food, nutrition, and health education, job training, and hope to residents of San Joaquin County who find themselves in an emergency situation.

Emergency Food Bank emphasizes health, nutrition, food economics, and education; and provides classes in nutrition education, and healthy economical meal planning and preparation. Food is distributed through the main pantry, 14 satellite pantries, and 61 Mobile Farmer’s Market locations throughout San Joaquin County.

Click the link for more information on the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton and how you can help.

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