Our Nonprofit Relationship Manager, Lindsey Bressi, often goes to visit nonprofits and injured workers who are in the Transition2Work program and brings back amazing stories to share.

Visiting Good Samaritan Second Chance Thrift Store

She recently had the opportunity to spend some time meeting injured workers at Good Samaritan Second Chance Thrift Store. While there she met an injured worker named Angela who was working at the front desk. Bressi stated that “her presence instantly brightened the front desk with her warm smile” elaborating on how happy Angela was to be there.

During this trip, Bressi was able to take some time to speak with Angela about her experience at the nonprofit organization, Good Samaritan, and expanded on what the Transition2Work program has done for her recovery. Angela expressed her gratitude and fondness for the thrift store, emphasizing the strong foundation of faith- which provided immense support for her during difficult times. Some nonprofits do have a religious foundation, which can be reassuring for some injured workers of faith; it just so happened that this was exactly the type of place that Angela needed during her recovery.

She shared, “[Good Samaritan] has been remarkable for me. I hold immense love for it. It not only assists me when my injuries limit certain tasks but also respects my restrictions while allowing me to work at my own pace.”

Transition2Work Participation Makes a Difference

Angela further elaborated on the positive impact the organization has had on her life, admitting her initial skepticism which she gratefully acknowledged as misplaced. She highlighted how the environment at the thrift store keeps her motivated until she can return to her original job. Angela expressed, “Being at this place has truly been beneficial for me. Initially, I was hesitant, but it keeps me engaged and proactive. Sitting at home with an injury can become monotonous and severely affect one’s mental well-being. It becomes challenging to accurately comprehend one’s situation. However, at least here, I feel a sense of productivity, an unwavering belief that I still have more to contribute. This opportunity continues to work wonders for me, and I am sincerely grateful for the exceptional group of individuals I have the pleasure of working with. I genuinely appreciate the support and the sense of purpose it has provided me.”

Transition2Work volunteers are able to give back to their community, recover at their own pace, and make a difference while fulfilling light-duty tasks. Angela is an example of the goodness that can come from these placements and how they can benefit the individual to grow more assured through their recovery.

We were happy to hear back such a great report from our Nonprofit Relationship Manager, Lindsey Bressi, and are sure she will have more heartwarming stories to share.

Good Samaritan Second Chance Thrift Store

Good Samaritan Second Chance Thrift Store says that the store “is a place of ministry – for conversation as well as help in hard times. Additionally, it has great merchandise for everyone. (Diehard thrift store shoppers declare it to have the best selection at the best prices of any store in the area). Our volunteers are working hard to maintain this reputation. Income from the Thrift Shop helps support Good Samaritan’s mission.” For more information on Good Samaritan Second Chance Thrift Store, visit their website here.

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