ReEmployAbility Nonprofit Relationship Manager on the Road

ReEmployAbility’s very own Nonprofit Relationship Manager, Lindsey Bressi, met with amazing Nonprofit Volunteer Coordinators and Managers during her last visit to Fort Worth, Texas, including visiting the Center for Transforming Lives. During her travels, she can learn about our Nonprofit Partners and how the ReEmployAbility Transition2Work program supports their work in the community. This trip enabled her to visit Ms. Nola Davis at the CTL Resale Shop and learn about their work there.

Guiding Families from Poverty to Prosperity

Her journey began with a visit to the CTL Resale Shop, which allowed Bressi to speak with Davis and learn about the nonprofit’s mission. The thrift store stands as a cornerstone in supporting the Center for Transforming Lives. This nonprofit organization is steadfast in its mission to provide women and children facing the burdens of poverty and homelessness with crucial services. This includes but is not limited to, housing provisions, childhood education, economic mobility opportunities, and counseling services. Their ultimate aim is to guide these families on their journey from “poverty to prosperity.” As an example, The Center for Transforming Lives was able to assist 690 individuals in locating shelter last year (1).

With an impressive tenure of fifteen years within the organization, Davis is a true veteran in her role. During the hours Bressi spent in her company, Davis demonstrated remarkable familiarity with her customers, addressing them by their first names as she managed the cash register, arranged displays, and engaged in thoughtful conversation with patrons.

Transition2Work Volunteers Make a Difference

It was evident that Davis deeply appreciates ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work volunteers, acknowledging their invaluable assistance in running the storefront. Transition2Work volunteers at the CTL Resale Shop can assist with greeting customers, sorting donations, and organizing the store, among other things. With their time as a ReEmployAbility Nonprofit Partner, they have hosted nearly 50 Transition2Work volunteers.

Davis mentioned that the Center for Transforming Lives hopes to undertake a new initiative and open another Resale Shop in 2023. By expanding their reach, they hope to continue supporting women and children in poverty. If so, ReEmployAbility will be ready to provide Transition2Work volunteers to assist.

With ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work programs, volunteers are given the chance to make a difference in their own community and support the mission of nonprofit organizations across the United States.

For more information on how to become a ReEmployAbility Nonprofit Partner, go to our Nonprofit Partner Page.

The Center for Transforming Lives

The Center for Transforming Lives works side-by-side with women and their children to disrupt the cycle of poverty throughout Tarrant County (2). Their services are two-generational and establish long-term financial and emotional well-being. The Resale Shop is a thrift store that offers quality merchandise at affordable prices and is well known for its great deals and fantastic finds! Every donation and purchase supports CTL in disrupting the cycle of poverty for women and children in Tarrant County. Visit their website,, for ways you can help!

For more information on the Center for Transforming Lives, visit our NonProfit Partner page.

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